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Japan|The first place of "well bought brand" is old clothes? Fashion college student's attitude survey

Aug 14, 2018.Ichiro KumegawaTokyo, JP
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To cite the results of the questionnaire may seem redundant however the results had piqued my interests that I thought I’d share my opinions about it. The questionnaire was conducted by Senken Newspapers from the June 20th issue, page 7 called the "The Consciousness of 2019 Spring Fashion School Graduates". There were 1298 respondents nationwide (71 men, 1016 females, 211 unknown).
The aim of the questionnaire is mainly concerned with employment -- different types of business, occupations, companies people are interested in getting into, etc. to help guide new graduates. Apart from that, there are also questions regarding the fashion conscious of young people around the age of 20 and the responses were fairly interesting.

What is your favorite brand? Below are the multiple answers. () represents the number of people.
Gucci (92) → COMME des GARÇONS (75) → Vivienne Westwood (47) → Dior (44), sacai (44) → Yohji Yamamoto (43) → Zara (39) → GU (37) → Maison Margiela (31), PAMEO POSE (31) → MOUSSY (30), SAINT LAURENT  (30) → Chanel (27), UNIQLO(27)

GUCCI fever has properly reflected in the numbers. If so, then it’s likely that Balenciaga (Demna Gvasalia) should be within the top 10, but why isn’t it?  It’s understandable why Hermés isn’t within the ranking, but Louis Vuitton, Supreme, STUSSY, and Off-White is strangely enough not on the list. Dior’s popularity is probably due to Maria, or is it because of menswear, Kris Van Assche? Sacai has always appeared in the ranking every year. UNDERCOVER too isn’t within the top 10 anymore.

Which designers do you respect?
Yohji Yamamoto (48) → Coco Chanel (41) → Rei Kawakubo (35) → Alessandro Michele (30) → Issey Miyake (22) → Vivienne Westwood (18), Karl Lagerfeld (18) → Abe Chitose (16) → Alexander McQueen (12), Tsumori Chisato (12) → Virgil Abloh (11), John Galliano ( 11)

Though Issey Miyake didn’t make it within the top 10 favorite brands, he still made it as a respectable designer. In addition, his disciple Tsumori Chisato too. Alexander McQueen included. Yohji Yamamoto wasn’t number one as a favorite brand but was first place as a respected designer and with third, Rei Kawakubo. Perhaps it's due to the large number of male students that they gathered for the votes?

What’s the name of the shop you go often?
Mercari (141) → Zozotown (124) → Lumine (75) → Parco (71) → Aeon mall (58) → Laforet (56) → Isetan (31) → LaLaport (31) → 109 (26) → Rukua Osaka (21) → Hep Five (20)

Is it just me or is this not shocking? Virtual stores like Mercari and Zozotown have a strong presence that shows the current fashion distribution map well. If so, Amazon and Rakuten are likely to have their names up there as well, but they don’t appear even in the top 10, which shows that these two are are in a grey isolated area. When asking the question, “ Do you often buy fashion branded items?”, most would reply “Why yes. Secondhand and Vintage.” Secondhand clothes are branded too! No wonder why department stores are in a slump. It’s not because fashion students have financial difficulties, its the era of the secondary circulation that’s coming.

Where would you like to work?
Stripe International (34) → Mark Styler (28) → Adastria (24) → Pal (18) → A-net (16), Comme De Garçon (16) → Onward Kashiyama (15) → AiiA (14) → Java Group (13)

There was also another top 10 question that came along, "Which company has caught your attention?"  and the answers were Tokyo base (3rd place), Fast Retailing (5th place), Sanyo Shokai (9th place), Baroque Japan Limited (9th place ), Ambitex (11th place) who all didn't end up on this top 10 list. It’s a surprise that students are informed. There seems to be a lot of voices saying "the work there seems tough" or "Is the future of the company stable?". However, Stripe International, which is ranked # 1 as the most sought after to join and also ranked 1st in attracting attention, president of the company Yasuharu ISHIKAWA, who gave a lecture about the company’s philosophy and dreams on industry newspapers was probably the reason why it had convinced many. AiiA (9th) and Javas group (10th) were formerly popular due to LOUNIE in the Kanto region and LAUTREAMONT and VICKY with the Kansai students.