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Global|JIMMY CHOO Launches Insulated Smart Boots Just in Time for the Winter

Nov 8, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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The Jimmy Choo Voyager Boots “SNOW FLAT” 235,000yen+tax

JIMMY CHOO VOYAGER BOOTS is an ingenious plan devised with high fashion and technology for the coming winter season. These boots have a built-in heated insole, enabling a wireless operation that’s connected through the mobile app which was developed in partnership with Zhor-Tech, a leading pioneer in introducing electronics and software into footwear. Not only can you set your favorite temperatures; ranges 25 to 45 °C (77 to 113 ° F), the mobile app can also track your exercise record. The heated soles last up to 8 hours with an additional sturdy waterproof shell and luxurious shearing for lining, holding up a  high heat retention. Both are available in men's and women's sizes starting from 235,000 yen (tax excluded).