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US|Juicy Couture Back With a Makeup Line and Perfume, Can it Reinvent?

Oct 18, 2018.Stephanie WuUSA
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Dial back to the 2000s and you’ll remember those bubblegum pink terry cloth tracksuits sported by celebrities and fellow high school classmates. Juicy Couture has joined the beauty game with a new line of cosmetics ready for purchase at, macy’s stores, and
The collection are limited edition, with bold colours inspired by the spirit of the Juicy Couture fragrance, Oui. It’s glitter fierceness is in short, nothing but ‘juicy’. Products include: lipsticks, lip glosses, a liquid liner, a face/eye palette, and a multipurpose lip/eye topper,' according to the release retailing from US$ 18 to US$ 38.

The brand has been through tough times when back in 2014 all flagship stores had been closed down in the US. Though still available at American discount department store, Kohl’s,  and Macy’s, though both drastic in price points. There are currently 60 international stores that remain and in recent news, all Juicy Couture stores in the UK are closing according to an April article from last year in the Telegraph. There were several sources back in 2014 saying it would make its ‘big’ comeback. In the decade, the Juicy Couture fragrance brand was somewhat successful and during Paris fashion week in 2016, fashion house Vetements sent velour Juicy Couture looks down the runway. Following that were collaboration with Topshop, Bloomingdale's, Urban Outfitters, and a few Juicy Instagram moments from influencers like Kylie Jenner. One thing is for sure, it was an irrefutable existence of a pop-cultural landscape that is trying to evolve and keep up with active function wear brands such as lululemon or under armour.