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Japan | Japanese 15 Year Old Appointed as the World’s Youngest Ambassador of Bvlgari

Aug 10, 2018.Misaki KatagiTokyo, JP
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Long running Japanese heartthrob, Kimura Takuya’s daughter, Koki has made it into the cover model of "ELLE JAPON"’s July issue (Hearst Women's Photography Publishing Company). Koki's success as the face cover model on quickly became a sensational topic that’s been conversed non-stopped ever since.
Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza, President: Walter Bolonino) announced that Koki will become Bvlgari’s ambassador from August 10th 2018.
It’s the first time for Bvlgari to appoint a Japanese ambassador and at 15 years old, Koki is the youngest in the world to represent the Bvlgari family.
"I am honored to be appointed as Ambassador of Bvlgari which is the world's leading high jeweler that represents Italy.  I’ve dreamed that one day I would be a model that is able to act and inspire others. I also know that the dream will not come true easily, but as a member of the Bvlgari family who warmly welcomed me, gave me the courage to open the doors to that dream. I’ll continue to face challenges in order to chase my dreams. " Koki says.