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SHITEN Designs Based on the Golden Ratio, New colours and Accessories Released

May 29, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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The "SHITEN" series launched by leather goods brand, "genten"established in 1999, is about to launch bags and leather accessories in a new colour variety. SHITEN's handbags has designs in a golden ratio of perfect proportions. These designs are humble without any excess decorations. The use of light-weight leather is also a feature of the series. The product is made of cow leather after processing. The colour of the bags are meant to gradually change during use, giving it a vintage feel. The details of the bag are handmade and the original texture of the leather is refined during the processing. The newly introduced colours come in shades of brown and black along with the addition in wallets, business card cases, credit card case, and mini handbags.