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Japan|2018 First Half: Top 10 News ⑩ If Its Not Celebrity Scandals or University Sports Inadequecy, The Fashion Industry is Appearing With “Kamaitachi Phenomenons”

Jul 18, 2018.Minoru MamiTokyo, JP
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The Kamaitachi Phenomenon refers to a mythical creature that injures passerbys with its sickle creating, at first, an invisible injury but then turns into a gradual incurable wound. Chilling and nonetheless, best describes what’s happening to sponsors from the fashion industry.

No matter what you can’t server the connection between fashion and celebrities. As of recent, university sports clubs are a delectable prey for the fashion industryーsponsoring the team with jerseys, helmets, equipments with their logos splayed on every knick knacks they can get their hands on. However the amount of scandals occurring recently has caused a great deal of damage for sponsors and they scramble to redeem themselves, but what’s done is done. It’s a blow to the brand image and its about time that they change their advertising strategies. In any case, both celebrities and athletes personalities vary. In the future, perhaps dodgy organizations can profit by investigations and profile searches on their characters providing referral services to major companies which can guarantee their advertising schemes. The infamous company that looks after its various Japanese boy idol groups, Johnny’s Entertainment for example or the Japanese Universities can be unexpected and even the dodgy organizations are not guaranteed to deal with them. Live broadcasts are so popular nowadays, but there is no relevant restriction policies which really reflects how dingy the country’s advertising capabilities are.