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Global|The Era of CG Influencers Has Arrived? Balmain Latest Visuals Appoints CG Models

Sep 5, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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Luxury Fashion brand, Balmain recently released their latest image spokesperson on the official website and Instagram account with three new models. If you look at the pictures carefully, you can see that the model seems a little “off” which is perfectly reasonable as they’re virtual characters. Balmain calls them the "Virtual Army" consisting of three members: MARGOT, SHUDU, and ZHI (from left to right in the instagram group photo). The three models are wearing Balmain's 2018 early autumn collection reflecting the confidence in the eyes of a rock spirit brand.

SHUDU was the world’s first virtual supermodel created by photographer Cameron-James Wilson and is one of the most popular virtual characters on the Internet with an estimate of 141,000 fans following her Instagram account. Rihanna has her posing for her make-up brand, Fenty and this time, Balmain has invited Wilson to create two other new virtual models to promote the brand's adventurous spirit and inclusiveness for their new season.

In fact, not long ago, virtual models have been on the Internet for a substantial time. Another virtual model called Lil Miquela on Instagram has 1.4 million fans. Not only is she a stand in for advertisements wearing various fashion brands, but she also has her own daily private photos like any other person where she hangs out with her "virtual friends" and sometimes takes photos side by side with celebrities associated in the fashion world. It seems to garner more attention than many real models. Sometimes she even expresses her own opinions by appealing on social news.

In today's era when major brands are imagining and attracting consumers with novelty, the emergence of virtual models seems to be confusing at first, but it seems to be the mainstream of the future. Virtual model will not only become a new fashion leader in the future, but will also have an influence on the deeper ethical aspects of society.