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China | China's Delivery Service “eleme” Collaborates With The North Face, Taobao Group Designers Joins in Too

Sep 10, 2018.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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As a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the delivery service "eleme", with Chinese users exceeding 260 million (as of June 2017), the American outdoor brand "The North Face® Face" announced a collab-uniform on August 18th. Through this collaboration, they aim to further expand their delivery business and improve quality.

Focusing on contemporary young people who are health conscious and loves exercising, eleme is suggesting a more healthier lifestyle together with The North Face® as the task of delivery has the same relevance by launching a fresh take on its promotion to grasp the hearts of consumers. Along with famous designer, Zhang Na of FAKE NATOO also worked on the design of small items used by the driver. The elements in comfort and fashion gives the deliverer a sense of pride and professionalism.

Eleme Official Weibo

Collaboration items with The North Face® is only limited to the uniform, however during May this year, the brand has collaborated with the Hong Kong designer brand "HOWL" released its "edible fashion" collection which used popular food ingredients as prints such as T-shirts smelling of said ingredients. On August 19th, The North Face® has also collaborated with eight brand designers participating TAOBAO 's New Force Week campaign . The theme was "happy homebody" and HOWL’s collaboration, "EAT ME" series such as the yellow and red hoodie and various whimsical items such as pillow hat created with DIDDI’s collaboration have also been released.

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