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JINS Collaborates with World-Renowned Product Designer, Konstantin Grcic

Jun 22, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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JINS launches the second collection of the JINS Design Project that addresses the concept of designs that “questions and redefines the definition of eyewear” which is in stores nationwide that started June 14th 2018. In collaboration with Konstantin Grcic ( here’s a tip on how to pronounce: “Gritchich” ), a global product designer who worked for industries such as MUJI, Cassina, and Flos. Prices are divided into three 5,000 yen, 8,000 yen, 12,000 yen (all excluding tax) that come in 8 frame designs in different colours for a totals of 32 focusing on the round-shape archetype.

This collection was inspired by the history of glasses by going back to the earliest spectacles ーwhich were round in shape and images of the many famous people who are recognized for wearing round glasses. Figures like John Lennon, Steve Jobs, the architect Le Corbusier, and the famous Mahatma Gandhi. Interesting names were given to the glasses which indicated their respective characteristics such as “Cartoon” that represented a quick line sketch, “Pretzel” that conveyed a soft and organic form like that of the dough, “Bike” and “Safari” that refer to the aspects associated with those names. Although the designs are based on the round shape, wearers can definitely feel the difference in Grcic’s designs in the details such as the materials used, the form, and colours used.

In an interview held on the first day of the launch, Mr.Grcic said: “Eyeglasses are very personal items and they are worn in the most central position of a person’s face and have a tremendous impact on the wearer, so I felt a serious responsibility when approaching this collaboration. Every design inevitably will not suit everyone and finding the answer in a question without a specific answer is a difficult task, but it was fun to find the direction and solution to the task.”

To commemorate, the JINS Shibuya flagship store is selling its limited-edition spectacle case designed by Grcic. From June 15th to July 16th, a cooperated “JINS X Konstantin Grcic Exhibition” will be held on the 2nd floor where guests are able to scrutinize Grcic’s process in design the collection, his sketches, 3D mockups and more.