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Japan|SEIGEN ONO Releases 30th Anniversary Works for COMME des GARÇONS Show

Dec 7, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Known as “the” mastering recording engineer, Seigen Ono’s songs released in 1987 have been re-released for a 30th anniversary commemoration with "COMME des GARÇONS SEIGEN ONO" that’s to drop on Jan. 23 next year. Upon Comme des Garçons designer Kawakubo Rei’s request, "the songs should make the clothes look stunning and also should be unlike anything anyone has heard" to be composed for the runway show, which this time Ono himself remastered. Arto Lindsay, John Zorn and John Lurie also participated in the production. The CD retails to 4000 yen (tax excl.) and 5800 yen (tax excl.) for the LP record.

「CDG Fragmentation」

Also, the unreleased sound source "CDG Fragmentation" will be released on the same day. Ono himself remixed and remastered the "sound" that shocked the electronica and ambient scene of that era. Retailing at 3000 yen (tax excl.) for the CD and the LP record for 3800 yen (tax excl.).

  • Manabu Takamura

    Minimal Inc. President/SEVENTIE TWO Publishing Director

    Both jacket albums were led by art director Tsuguya Inoue who contributed to magazine, "SIX" published by Comme des Garçons from 1988 to 1991.