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Korea | THE NORTH FACE Appoints Girl Idol Group, MAMAMOO As Ambassador

Sep 19, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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MAMAMOO Official Instagram

The North Face appointed Hwasa as Korea's new ambassador from popular girl idol group, MAMAMOO. In the visuals, they showed a cooly dressed Hwasa to match with her husky vocals and soulful style, sporting the "Super Air Down" inner piece and the "Dalton Anorak Jacket" from the autumn winter collection.

MAMAMOO group debuted in 2014 emphasizing on their musical elements rather than looks, and different personalities, the group has gained support as conventional K-POP idols. They have gained quite the reputation overseas and is debuting in Japan this October. The North Face stakeholders in Japan stated "MAMAMOO who has gained a significant amount of attention as the wanna-be icon for the next generation, has been consistent with our trendy brand image. She gives a dignified and healthy image and we expect that this will bring the brand a fresh take."