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Japan|THREE SS 2019 Collection, New Matte and Watercolour Lipstick

Nov 27, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Japanese makeup brand, THREE spring / summer 2019 collection will be available starting Jan.1. The concept encompasses liberation and challenging oneself in the name of freedom with a range consisting of lipsticks, eyeshadow pots, and nail polishes.

"DARINGLY DISTINCT LIPSTICK" (all 9 colours, 3900 yen + tax each) is a longwear matte series, lightweight-smooth in texture and high in pigmentation in 9 shades of red.

"DARINGLY DEMURE LIPSTICK" (all 9 colors, 3900 yen + tax each) series, is based off on a variety of natural lip colours in peach beige, cassis grey, fushia pink, etc. that enhances a person's very own shades, giving a healthy and moisturizing glow that covers up lip lines.

Limited edition creamy eyeshadow pot "DARING VOYAGER" (all 6 colours, 3600 yen + tax each) is not only vividly pigmented, but is also dimensional depending on the viewing angle, and the texture has a butter-like smoothness upon application.

"NAIL POLISH" (new 6 colours, 1,800 yen + tax each) have a calming hazy earthy tone finish.