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ACRO Presents New Brand, Appoints Creative Director, RUMIKO

May 23, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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ACRO Co., Ltd. who founded cosmetics brand, THREE announced that RUMIKO was appointed as creative director for a new brand launching this autumn. RUMIKO who created cosmetics, RMK in 1997 was creative director for fifteen years.

ACRO hopes that by appointing RUMIKO, the new makeup brand will give a new direction to overturn conventional ideas in cosmetics by creating high-quality Japanese made prestige. Products range will consist of base makeup, eye shadows, and makeup tools with the price range starting from 5,000 to 30,000 yen. Official sales are expected to start in September and for the first year, will be sold at 3 department stores and on the official site. Plans to expand up to 20 stores across the nation by 2020 with overseas deployment near the end of 2019 that’s mainly targeted in Asia and aims for overseas sales ratio of 30%. Their views of expanding in Europe and the United States  are scheduled within four to five years.

  • Tiffany Liu

    KOL, former beauty editor at COSMOPOLITAN China

    I’m looking forward very much for the upcoming brand because Japan's high prestige cosmetic brands are always worth paying attention to. Consumers in major Chinese cities are more tolerant and accepting towards new brands. A cosmetic brand that has quality will likely attract the attentions of people who like fashion. Many products that Chinese KOLs want to brag on the net are likely to come forward.