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China|China's Fast Fashion Brand, “UR” First Flagship Store Opens in Europe

Nov 9, 2018.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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URBAN REVIVO (UR), a Chinese local fast fashion brand under the UR LIMITED and UR HK LIMITED Group, opened its first flagship store in Europe at Westfield Shopping Mall in London after having entered Singapore in 2016. The store uses Yixing Clay, a traditional Chinese material used in earthen ware since the Song dynasty for the main area space for the walls and flooring. The interiors represent a harmonious balance where East meets West in a 2000 square meter space.

To celebrate the opening, UR launched campaigns across the nine physical store locations in China. From Nov. 1, all store fitting rooms adhering to the theme “HELLO LONDON” had a pop art style redecorated. In addition, UR also teamed up with artist, Christopher Tak to launch a limited-edition tote bag, which was inspired by Tak's work, “New Stars”.