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China|Chinese 2018 Singles Day Shopping Event is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary

Nov 2, 2018.Xueqing DingBeijing, CN
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The annual online shopping carnival "Singles Day" is close at hand. It’s been 10 years since Taobao launched its singles day shopping event. Last year's Tmall Mall had total sales of more than RMB 168.2 billion (US$ 24.4 billion*). More than 140,000 brands participated in the online transaction. This year, Taobao,, and other major Chinese e-commerce companies have begun their pre-sales links, it seems that as of Nov.1, each site has achieved a lot of achievements.

According to statistics from online data, Tmall has more than 180,000 brands participating in online transactions this year, and pre-sale sales have performed strongly in personal care and make-up. The top 5 brands that received personal care sales were: Olay, Whisper, PECHOIN, L'Oreal, and freeplus. In terms of make-up, the top five brands with the highest pre-sales are: Maybelline, Innisfree, CHIOTURE, and SOFINA. The most popular items in the make-up category are: lipstick, lip glaze, loose powder, mascara, and cleansing oil. The pre-sales sales report released by on Nov.1 showed that the online transaction amount reached RMB 6 billion (US$ 870 million*) in the first hour after the pre-sales had opened. According to the data report published by JD.coom, the cities with the highest sales are Guangdong, Beijing, Jiangsu, Sichuan and Shandong. Compared with last year, the regions with the largest sales growth were Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Tibet, and Guangdong. In addition, the top five sales of single products are mobile phones, toiletries, razors, flat-panel TVs and sweaters. Among them, the high-profile Dyson curling irons sold out within 15 seconds, and L'Oréal's facial and skin care kits sold 5,000 sets in one minute.

Ten years ago, when the concept of "Singles Day" was first proposed, it was a festival for young men and women to celebrate being celibates. In recent years with the rapid development of e-commerce, “Singles Day" has rapidly grown into a shopping carnival for people in China. The transaction volume has soared from more than RMB 50 million (US$ 7.2 million*) in 2009 to nearly RMB 254 billion (US$ 35.8 billion*) in 2017 (the total sales of 20 home appliance dealers in the whole network), and this year's total sales exceeded RMB 300 billion (US$ 43.5 billion*).

*1 RMB = 0.145043 USD (As of Nov. 2 2018)