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Japan | Learn From The Steady Advances Of The Carrot Company!

Sep 10, 2018.Ichiro KumegawaTokyo, JP
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From the anello official instagram

If I was watching the Senken Shimbun’s September 5th issue page 6's “fashion goods sales ranking (manufacturer / wholesale)” is marching a negative parade. In addition, there was a revision in the September 6th issue of the next day, with the correct digits in fourth-place being Ace at 33.02 billion yen which is 0.7% compared with the previous year (starting from 3rd place). There’s not a lot of change, however what I want to point out is at the 11th place, Carrot Company who is at 11.8 billion yen (+ 34.1%). It’s a company in Osaka who became known for its star brand, ‘anello’. In comparison to the growth rate from the previous year, it has risen 34.1% this time. Not as explosive in its expansion like before, the momentum continues. There hasn’t been a day that passes without seeing a Anello Gamaguchi (Coin purse with clasp) backpack, but recently a plethora of variations have appeared. Although the company has an annual sales of 10 billion yen in the settlement accounts of June this year, how far will it extend next year? Excuse my bluntness but it seems almost like a Cinderella story for a company earning 10 billion yen with just one gamaguchi bag. What matters is whether or not if the company has the right environment to cultivate human resources capable of producing such ideas. Companies that are struggling to fix their outcomes should reconsider this area which may be the cause of a fallout.