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Japan|Lululemon to Open it’s Biggest Flagship in Osaka

Aug 15, 2018.Osaka, JP
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High-performance athletic wear brand lululemon from Vancouver, Canada is opening the first store in the Kansai region on October 31st at "lululemon LUCUA osaka". In addition to their main representative yoga and jogging ensembles, their Men 's "Metal Vent Tech" series, and women' s "Swiftly Tech" series, etc. are now available in the new store, which is the largest in Japan that’s ​​2,953 square feet (about 274 square metres). Using maple wood and marble, the interiors are purposefully rendered to emulate West Coast Canada. In order to bring more flavor and integration to its surroundings, lululemon has collaborated with local artist BAKIBAKI and also created a community board to suit the energy that Osaka city is brimming with.
Lululemon is not only represents a athletic wear brand, but also organizes yoga and running events in the theme of "One Day of Perspiring Workout" every week, creating a close relationship with the local community. Up until now, more than 400 stores and showrooms have appeared in various parts of the world and in Japan, GINZA SIX opened in April last year followed by stores in Shinjuku, Shonan and Kawasaki. Harajuku and Osaka Shinsaibashi are currently holding showrooms and will open in the Kansai region to further expand the community circle around Shinsaibashi.