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Global | Who is he? Media From All Over Report On ZOZO President Maezawa #dearMoon Project

Sep 20, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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Inviting artists from around the world, President Yusaku Maezawa of Start Today Inc. which operates e-commerce giant Zozotown, announced on September 18 that he has decide to go to the moon along with the chosen artists. News went viral in Japan that a civilian for the first time will be traveling to the moon.

This project entitled "#dearMoon" will take Mr. Maezawa and 6 to 8 world artists on a journey to the moon by 2028 on Space X's rocket ship, "Big Falcon Rocket (BFR)" led by CEO Elon Musk for a week to go forth between the moon and the earth. Without landing, passengers on the voyage are able to close in on the moon from a distance of only 200 km. Though it’s stated that artists are the only ones allowed on this ride, they are considering candidates in a wide range, including fashion designers, architects, film directors, and musicians. BFR test launch is scheduled to be held next year and Space X had announced before to send two civilians to the moon last February, but postponed the plan suddenly in June and did not state the expenses, the candidates boarding, and its exact date. There seems to be a ominous cloud hanging over the BFR.

Big Falcon Rocket

Invited Aritsts

Mr. Musk and Mr. Maezawa held a press conference on the same day as the announcement. After the press conference, medias from around the world from the United States, Britain, Australia, France, India, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden and other countries in addition to the Asian region such as China and South Korea reported on the state of the interview and the project. About 700 news articles in China and about 100 news articles in Korea were posted as the number one news, and major media news sites such as WWD and Evening Standard in the U.S. reported this project.

In the articles, most of the medias from each country first introduces Mr. Maezawa's character and career, and in addition to the details of the project, his net asset is 2.9 billion dollars as one of Japan's leading entrepreneur. Also mentioning his relation to ZOZO and an avid art collector, and so on. #dearMoon is an individual project, but there is a scene where Mr. Maegawa touches on his launch of the private label, ZOZO in the middle of a press conference, following the purchase of artist Basquiat work. This is an opportunity that surely expands his name recognition.

America WWD

UK, The Evening Standard


“At the press conference, Mr. Maesawa's investment for this project had a considerable influence on the development in the cost of the rocket." says Mr. Musk and even with that being said, there were various speculations on the costs in different countries reporting on the project. According to The Indian EXPRESS paper, Space X has also developed a space travel rocket with founder Jeff BezosBlue Origin in a short-term rocket called "New Shepard”. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and artist Justin Bieber have signed up for the flight that costs US$ 230,000 for a 90-minute trajectory according to British businessman, Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic. In comparison, Space X's Falcon rocket is known to be a reusable, relatively low-cost aircraft, however according to other media sources such as Italian news, GIORNALE DI SICILIA, #dearMoon project is estimated that the preparation cost of the project is about US$ 500 million, which shows the grandness of the whole plan. In Korea, Mr. Musk tweeted before the announcement on the 18th that the first civilian to travel would be Japanese by posting a Japanese flag on Twitter. For a time being, it was speculated that Japan’s sixth largest telephone company, Softbank’s board of director member, Son Masayoshi was rumored to be the first passenger.

Elon Musk Offical Twitter