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Japan | Narumiya International Re-listed, To The TSE 2nd Section

Aug 27, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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Narumiya International, which handles the planning and sales of babies and children's apparel, will be listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on September 6th. The company was listed on JASDAQ in March 2005, but was abolished in March 2010 and will be listed again for the first time in 8 years. The number of publicly offered shares is 282,500 shares, the number of shares to be sold is 5,184,400 shares, provisional condition is 1540 yen to 1560 yen (US$ 13.87 ~ US$ 14.05*) and the public offering price determination is scheduled for August 29th with the purchase unit of 100 shares. The lead manager securities company is SMBC Nikko and Daiwa Securities.
The company's sales in the fiscal year ended February 2018 was 26,954 million yen (US$ 242 million*, up 57.5% from the previous term), ordinary profit was 1,280 million yen ($US 11million*, 46.5% increase), net income attributable to parent company shareholders was 760 million yen (US$ 6.8 million*, 8.4% increase from the same period). The net income per share is 80.43 yen (US$ 0.72*) and the reasonable share price is expected to be 800 yen to 1200 yen (US$ 7.20 ~ US$ 10.81*) as stock price, Mercari listed in June this year had the public offering price exceeding expectations.
Narumiya Corporation was founded in Hiroshima in 1904 as a wholesaler of kimono fabrics, established Narumiya Textile Co., Ltd. in 1952, and NI Corp. in 1995. In the same year, Narumiya Corporation launched business trading apparel business and in response, the company changed its name to Narumiya International Inc. At that time, brands such as "mezzo piano " and "ANGEL BLUE " were developed around wholesale to department stores and specialty shops, and while sales peaked at national department stores in 2003, things took a turn and decrease in sales and profits.
The business style has changed significantly since inviting Takeshi Ishii, President of Point (currently Adestria) in 2011 and sales in department stores have reached 10,385 million yen (US$ 93 million*) along with 96 200 million yen (US$ 866 million*) for shopping centres, and 3,421 million yen (US$ 30 million*) for EC (all for February 2018). Aggressively opening stores and increasing sales, and this year, Narumiya’s subsidiary Star Cube has became one with the main company and has expanded its business scale by absorbing Milli-Company Limited, which manages subsidiary popular children's clothing brand, SENSE OF WONDER and continues to expand its business.

*1 JPY = USD 0.0090 (rates as of Aug.27 2018)