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Japan|Samantha Thavasa 25th Anniversary and Future

May 13, 2019.Ichiro KumegawaTokyo, JP
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Samantha Thavasa” is widely known in the fashion industry, however the official company name is actually “Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited”. Since its founding 25 years ago, there are still many in Japan who believe that it’s  associated as a US bag brand. The brand opened a branch store in New York (now closed), and has since opened many world wide. The brand does not intend to be known to the extent as just another Japanese handbag brand. Samantha Thavasa was founded in 1994 by Terada Kazumasa (born December 12, 1965, 53 years old) and this year celebrated the brand’s 25th anniversary of entrepreneurship. The predecessor of the company was originally a company that operated import and sales. In the past, it would explore the style of air stewardess and learn what products would be popular, and send them as gifts to spread through word of mouth. In the end, this technique was just a business method. After the original brand Samantha Thavasa was founded, the company began to snowball after the Hilton sisters, Beyonce, Penélope Cruz, Victoria Beckham, Maria Sharapova, Li Bingxian and many other overseas celebrities, as well as Japan’s popular magazine CanCam model, Ebi-chan opened up the era to young women's fashion in the 90s becoming the darling of the fashion industry. The word "celebrity" was associated with Samantha. Listed on TSE Mothers on December 13, 2005. The first year of listing was 900,000 yen and the stock price was 2.38 million yen (December 29, 2005). This 2,300,000 yen will be about 5,500 yen if adjusted with it because it is doing a stock split afterwards, but the current stock price amounts to 283 yen (April 17 closing price). This listing may have been the peak of Samantha. After that, they embarked on a apparel business (2007) and e-commerce started quickly with the acquisition of Stylife (2007), and in 2008 EIGHT MILLION started as a select shop business. The downturn can be said to be clearly indicated by the stock price that has become 1/20. The company has an annual sales of 27.7 billion yen with 1840 employees (as of the end of February 2018). It was decided by President Terada that it would be difficult to overcome the difficult situation with the founder's aura and intuition. Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited has a new system for its second growth phase, now with 25 years of passing a half of the 62.59% ownership stake to Konaka's president, Kensuke Konaka and Takami Watanabe as COO (Director Senior Executive Officer).