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Zara’s Relocation from Roppongi Hills, Beams Taking its Place

Jun 27, 2018.Ichiro KumegawaTokyo, JP
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Zara Roppongi Hills opened in April 2003 celebrated its 15th year in business and made a large relocation within the commercial area. At Roppongi Hills, the top selling brands were Zara and Diesel. However in January this year, Diesel had closed its doors and right after, Zara had decided to relocate from Roppongi Hills. Zara was the only brand that maintained its previous year sales as a foreign SPA and the reasons for it’s relocation was unclear, however the Banana Republic store which was located on the first floor at the North Tower building had been bumped out and replaced with Zara’s specialized pop-up showroom store.  After a while, it became clear why there was a relocation. Select shop Beams was to replace Zara’s previous location in Roppongi Hills. United Arrows which opened in Roppongi Hills 2016 had performed well and other Japanese brands such as Estnation and Deuxieme Classe seem to be a compatible location for the select shop.