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Global | ZARA Changes Logo after 8 Years

Jan 28, 2019.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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Spanish fast fashion brand, ZARA has established their new logo typeface with the release of the spring and summer 2019 collection. The new logo maintains a long Serif font, and the examples between the letters are much closer and partially superimposed than the previous. ZARA's official website, Twitter and Instagram have switched to the new logo, but in China's Weibo, WeChat, Tmall Mall have yet to make the changes. This will be the brand's replacement of the logo since 8 years ago, which is the second change in the history of the brand. Compared with the previous logo, the new logo has a more classic approach.

The industry has seen a recent change in logos. In 2018, brands such as Burberry, CELINE, Balmain, and RIMOWA have successively released their new typefaces. Usually the reasons for trademark replacements are due to the replacement of the designers or  design direction, and so on. This ZARA trademark change has not been widely publicized, but in fact, ZARA has been testing the waters since last year. From the opening of online stores in 106 new countries, to the release of the brand's first lipstick collections, to the opening of conceptual stores in Shanghai, etc., each initiative is in line with the current consumer demand for trends. New innovative trends from ZARA are worth paying attention to.