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China|Adidas Establishes the Largest Brand Center in Asia Pacific, Shanghai

Nov 7, 2018.Siqi DaiShanghai, CN
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Adidas opened its branch at Nanjing East Road Brand Center in Shanghai, China, on Oct. 29. Using the stadium as it’s concept for displaying the brands ethos, a 3 floor structure of about 3,700 square meters was constructed to not only provide extensive shopping ranges but other various interactive services including a corner where visitors can design their favorite sneakers. As the largest brand center in the Asia Pacific region, a full range in soccer, basketball, running, and outdoor items from Stella Mccartney, Adidas NEO and Trefoil logo are in the line up along with the latest collaborations and limited editions.

The emphasis here is Nanjing East Road Brand Center’s biggest feature on the interactive space. The interior design and the XL electronic screen in the observation area on the 1st and 2nd floor make you feel like as if you’re inside a stadium. The multifunctional 4D training area in the store can be switched to three different sports scenes: basketball, soccer, and fitness room. Professional trainers are invited to introduce various training courses both for beginners and advanced. In the "RUN LAB" corner, visitors can experience the “marine preservation” theme through a special running machine “RUN GENIE” to sample and find suitable running shoes individually.