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China | Chinese Brand Li Ning Debuts in Paris Fashion Week, What Kind of Surprises did it Bring?

Jul 11, 2018.Siqi DaiBeijing, CN
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The brand "LI-NING", founded by Chinese legendary Olympic gymnast, Li Ning in 1990, released its spring and summer 2019 collection at the New York Fashion Week in 2018. Inspired by his outstanding achievements and his legacy, the series perfectly expresses Li Ning's image through the rich graphics and aesthetic language of his clothing and shoes. In the avant-garde and modern sense of the tone, the use of oversize patterns, innovative fabrics, street-silhouettes and colour block designs shows the brand's classic heritage.

The whole series translates Li Ning’s patriotism using olive green, lavender, lime green and bright red and bright yellow colours representing Chinese characteristics. The bold lettering phrases, "China Li Ning" and the details of "Leaning on Li-Ning" and "The Legend Begins" appear in his olympian spirit.

Show guests include Jeffery Dong Youlin, Wang Ziyi, Zhou Yanchen, Xu Kaiwei, well-known designer Shang-guan and so on.

Also worth mentioning are the shoes that unveiled at the show. The series defines new standards for a bold futuristic style in colour, proportions and materials. Li Ning's first classic product, "001 R-I", which was born in 1991, returned this season. The “Aurora SKYWALKER”, which combines multiple fabric combinations and built-in functional socks, is a new upgrade from the 2004 Athens Olympics. Inspired by this season's bold colours, the "Butterfly 2018 Lite/Sky" sneakers combine sheepskin, mesh, and transparent elements to create a new collage-inspired upper. Finally, combined with a 3D design and composite colour tone, Li Ning's latest running shoes "Furious Rider Ace" makes its appearance:

The Spring/Summer 2019 series is an extremely important milestone for China's Li Ning and Li Ning himself. Li Ning states, "Through this series, we have re-examined the core origins of the brand and the era in which it emerged. We want to pay tribute to the era and at the same time, make the connection to the present through science, aesthetics and innovation. This is the new interpretation of Li Ning in China."