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DIESEL Develops an Uncomfortable Meeting Room

Jun 13, 2018.Milano, IT
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DIESEL’s self proclaimed ‘most uncomfortable meeting room’, “The Capsule”, really puts things into perspective. This campaign, more than a fashion stunt, gravitates at keeping conference time to a minimum and is made its appearance at “Wired Next Fest” in Milan. According to The Guardian magazine, an average worker spends about 9000 hours at meetings in their career lifespan; a 50% wasteful consumption of time. The Capsule sets conference time to 15 minutes at the longest and the space is designed to be intentionally narrow, perhaps claustrophobic, with tilting tables, flashing lights, and banging noises. Under the philosophy, "For Successful Living", we should find the balance in an efficient work-lifestyle by making quick decisions.


「THE CAPSULE」Campaign Video: