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Tokyo|J of JINS: New High-end Customizable Brand to Open Shop in Roppongi

Jul 11, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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JINS eyewear brand will start an all new label for high-end glasses that supports customizations called J of JINS. The “J” not only an abbreviation for JINS but also represents the brand identity in utilizing Japanese craftsmanship and innovative technology. The first store of J of JINS Roppongi Hills Store will open July 20th. The new brand aims to provide unprecedented design and comfort for customers who have a keen taste in quality and know the true value of the product they seek.

The space design of the store has been created by MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO, they applied Azekurazukuri, traditional way of architecture used hinoki, and the wall with plastering finish. In the store you can feel the universal value cultivated in the history and climate in Japan.

When opening it will sell woodworking series produced from craftsmen's handmade and vintage series with serial number using rare deadstock eyeglass fabrics. JINS also introduce face-to-face counters and nose pad customization services that allow for attentive customer service.