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Japan|MUJI World Flagship Store Opens in Ginza: MUJI HOTEL GINZA and MUJI Diner

Mar 18, 2019.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Lifestyle brand MUJI opens their world flagship store "MUJI HOTEL GINZA" and "MUJI Diner" in the Yomiuri Namiki Dori Building on April 4. The building’s first to sixth floor offers a wide variety of new concepts. Besides MUJI’s daily necessities, fruits, vegetables, juice stands, bakery, a tea blending workshop, etc. will be available. In addition, lunch boxes, salads, pre-cut fruits, etc. which will be available for delivery within the Ginza premises using their ordering app. Another interesting addition is their book tailoring service where customers can customize and create their own books. Their MUJI SUPPORT professional staffs are also readily available for consulting for house interior designs and storage solutions.

On the basement floor, MUJI Diner offers their selection of deliciously conducted healthy meals served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with different themed menus.

Starting from the sixth floor to the tenth will be Japan’s first "MUJI HOTEL GINZA" for an affordable price of good night's rest designed with their original furnitures and amenities in their advocated minimalistic lifestyle using recycled and wooden materials creating a bridge between urban life and nature. MUJI Ginza also replaced their plastic shopping bags and straws with everything paper including dishes and cutlery to reduce waste.