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Japan|Preventing Dry Skin: J-Beauty Facial Cream Review ④ Shiseido Brands「clé de peau Beauté」「SHISEIDO」「ELIXIR」

Dec 21, 2018.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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As we come to the final stop of the J-beauty cream review, it's important to know how to choose your creams accordingly as I have mentioned in the previous reviews. First, consider your age and skin conditions. It’s easier to make your a choice through comparing reviews, choosing your preferred textures, pricing, and effects that you want to achieve. Facial cream is just as important as the last step to any skin care routine. No matter how much toner and serums are applied, I can’t stress enough the necessity on using facial creams as they lock in the skin's’ moisture.

clé de peau Beauté La Crème
“LA CRÈME (The Cream)" is a high-performance cream released by beauty luxury brand "CLÉ DE BEAUTE" owned by the Shiseido Group. The Golden Silk Illuminating Complex EX with precious silk and pearl elements, help moisturize and retexturize skin while reducing the appearance of damage caused by environmental stress. The Retinol Ace in the cream diminishes the look of fine lines and gives skin a firmer, more resilient appearance. Formulated also with intensive brightening ingredient, 4MSK, it minimizes dark spots and brings an overall brightness and translucence to the skin. Features specialized ingredients developed through studies in anti-aging that optimize conditions for the vitality of skin (Inositol, Rosemary Extract, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract).
Editors’ Note:
Feels like the skin is soaking up a rich mix of nutrients that has a creamy luxurious texture. It feels smooth as it melts right into the skin. When used before bedtime, you can definitely maximize the effect of rejuvenating your skin at night. If you have dull or dry peeling textured skin, I recommend using for repairing the skin through the year. It contains an elegant fragrance with that smells of natural ross and rare orchids.

clé de peau Beauté Intensive Fortifying Cream
"clé de peau Beauté FORTIFIANTE INTENSIVE (Intensive Fortifying Cream)” is a creamy moisturizer for night time, which is similar to "clé de peau Beauté LA CRÉME" as it also includes "Illuminating Complex EX". The cream contains highly advanced ingredients to help fight conditions that accelerate signs of skin aging by enhancing the skin’s natural defence on vitality and radiance.
Editors’ Note:
The texture is refreshing, delicate, and lightweight with a light pink tint. It’s easy to use for the summer and moisturizing during the winter. In addition, the cream has a emulsion and cream  texture. What’s more is the bottle dispenser design where the user can easily pump the product rather than using a spatula to scoop the cream. The scent also has a blend of natural roses and orchids.

SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Cream
Shiseido Group's namesake brand, "SHISEIDO" highest luxury range is its "Future Solution LX". It’s star ingredient is the youth pro-longing ‘SkingenecellEnmei’ found in the sacred mountains of Mt. Koya called the Enmei herb. It slows down the appearance of visible signs of aging and with other Japanese botanicals Uji Green Tea Extract, Oshima Sakura Leaf Extract and Hokkaido Angelica Root Extract to protect the skin from pollution and to create a rich moisturizing formula.
Editors’ Note:
The texture is dense and delicate that can be easily absorbed into the skin. It’s got a non sticky texture and you can feel your skin is moisturized for long periods of time. The blend of wild rose, cherry blossom and plum blossoms is very relaxing and enjoyable.

SHISEIDO Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Cream
An anti-aging sculpting cream that reveals a visibly firmer, lifted look. This richly moisturizing multi-benefit cream energizes skin’s natural restorative ability giving skin a youthfully sculpted appearance. It’s Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid Plus replenishes the skin with deep moisture while supporting skin’s natural inner resources to restore the look of elasticity and moisture while reducing the appearance of visible wrinkles.
Editors’ Note:
It’s got a creamy thick texture, but using the temperature of the fingertips melts the cream and can be spread easily. Although it doesn’t absorb as quickly like emulsions, it acts as a barrier for a prolonged time and is suitable for dry skin and during the winters.

SHISEIDO Waso Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream
SHISEIDO’s new skin care line that appeared last year, "WASO", focuses on young women in the early 20's. This line helps reduce dryness and visible pores and help improve skin imperfections.
Editors’ Note:
The fresh and transparent gel quickly moisturizes the skin. It’s definitely suitable for younger customers who are lacking enough moisture during the winter, while for oily skins it’s refreshing during the summer. It’s also a good base to use before makeup and also as a face mask.

ELIXIR Superior Enriched Cream TB
Released on Oc. 21, 2018, this range is dedicated to anti-aging care "ELIXIR" by Shiseido. Featuring ingredients such as T Stem Complex, Burnet GL, Watercress Extract BG which  strengthens the skin and fills it with plenty of moisture and firmness.
Editors’ Note:
Smooth, rich, non sticky texture with a fair moisture retention. For women in their late twenties who are experiencing problems such as skin slackness and uneven textures, this just might be the perfect solution for women who are looking to use anti-aging skin care.