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Japan|ReFa Sodium Carbonated Foundation Face Lifting Effects

Oct 5, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Beauty brand ReFa operated by MTG launches it’s very first base makeup "ReFa FIZZ Foundation" and "ReFa Protect Powder" on October 31.

"ReFa FIZZ Foundation" is an innovative foundation combines sodium carbonated mist and foundation, which leads to a stereoscopic three-dimensional facial lifting impression. With its own double base formulation, the carbonic gel base adheres to the skin the moment when  spraying, and forms a synchro powder base. The foundation hardly budges and gives a long lasting finish and must be used in set with the "ReFa MIST".

"ReFa PROTECT POWDER" is a foundation developed focusing on the temperature difference indoors and outdoors causing various skin troubles in dryness due to air conditioning or sweltering summers causing excessive oil secretion. The powder creates a layer of thin veil over the skin protecting it from environmental damages.

The prices are as follows: "ReFa MIST" 30,000 yen (tax excluded), "ReFa FIZZ Foundation" 4,800 yen (tax excluded), "ReFa PROTECT POWDER" 4,600 yen (tax excluded) and is available in nationwide department stores, ReFa boutiques, ReFa shops, and official online stores.