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Japan|Review on New J-Beauty Brand “ITRIM”

Mar 20, 2019.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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Japanese premium skin care brand ITRIM, debuted last fall with its featured pure plant extracts was highly recommended by numerous Japanese magazines. Plant extracts or organic ingredients have already become one of the industry biggest trends but probably can seldom be seen in department stores. And so, I would like to share my reviews on ITRIM's facial products.

ITRIM has launched a range of 6 facial products, including point makeup remover, cleansing milk, facial soap, lotion, emulsion and cream. The most eye-catching product is the makeup remover consisting of two layers: a beautiful red oil layer containing lithospermum root extract that floats on top of a water layer. After shaking it well to mix the two layers and soak it with a cotton pad, my eye and lip makeup left my skin feeling non-oily or sticky at all, and instead left my skin with a relaxing scent of its plant essential oil.

The second step started with the "Elementary Face Cleansing Cream". After melting the product with my fingertips, I massaged it into my face in a circular motion gently, which helped removing dead cells of my skin while dissolving my makeup. The smooth texture of the product helps reducing friction on skin. I rinsed it off with water after it turned into a milky emulsion, and find my skin glowing as it was softened and hydrated.

Following was the "Elementary Face Soap". It consists of 99% of natural components, including natural algae extract which gives the soap a gorgeous rubine red color. It is handmade by a Japanese traditional frame kneading method that allows the soap to foam efficiently and beautifully without any foaming nets.

Applying the "Elementary Skin Lotion" with cotton pads is my favourite step of the routine. It exudes a fresh scent of mint which is unique among all other beauty brands, relieving my skin as if I am enjoying a spa treatment.

The "Elementary Skin Emulsion" is a light and watery moisturiser which can be absorbed quickly while gently applying it with cotton pads. It soothed and hydrated my skin to reveal visibly softer skin. When the skin is in good condition, it can be a great option as the final step of the skincare routine.

Last but not least, the whole routine recommended finishes with the "Skin Cream". I took one to two pea-sized amount of the product which melted slightly with the warmth of the skin between my fingertips. It was soon absorbed after I massaged it into my skin in circular motions and pressed it gently into my face. With 6 types of natural plant oil, it creates an outer layer that helps keep water from evaporating with a creamy formula.

The skincare set impresses me throughout the whole routine with the unique fragrance from its plant extracts. The natural scent is a highlight that makes ITRIM a subtle luxurious brand and helps creating a relaxing atmosphere. With high concentration of natural components, between 96% to 99%, the products are safe and gentle even on sensitive skin. I would rank it as the most remarkable product I have recently tried.