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Japan|SUQQU Launches Summer 2019 Makeup Collection in “Sharp Pink” and UV Sunscreen

Feb 22, 2019.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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Japanese cosmetics brand SUQQU is releasing the Summer 2019 Makeup Collection and other UV protection skincare collection. Inspired by the glaring neon lights that shines as a beacon on the dark streets in the summer nights, the stunning makeup collection launches under the theme of "sharp pink". And as summer is approaching, SUQQU is also bringing us a collection of skincare products and UV sunblock protection.

The Summer 2019 Makeup Collection will be in stores on May 1st with 3 new mascaras. “SUQQU EYELASH MASCARA” (4,300 yen + tax) can be removed easily with warm water. “SUQQU EYELASH SUQQU MASCARA WATERPROOF” (4,300 yen + tax) comes in 4 shades that includes basic black and brown along with two limited time pink and navy. The collection is completed with “SUQQU EYELASH BASE” (3,500 yen + tax), a transparent mascara primer.

With great expectations, the new quad eyeshadow palette "SUQQU DESIGNING COLOR EYES" (6,800 yen + tax)  limited edition "Hikaribore (No. 125)", has a multi-colored pearl glitter finish added into colours such as neon pink and black, perfectly catered to sweet and sexy looks. Other highlights of the collection include the “SUQQU SHIMMER LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER” (3,900 yen + tax), which hydrates and adds a transparent shine to the skin and “SUQQU CLEAR NEON LIPSTICK” (2 limited colours, 4,000 yen +tax), which adds a crystal shine to the lips with its super-hydrating but lightweight formula. Last but not least, the “SUQQU NAIL COLOR POLISH” (2,500 yen + tax) is predicted to be a quick sell out.

The UV care scheduled to be released on April 5 is the "SUQQU Extra Protector 50" (6,000 yen + tax) with SPF 50 + / PA ++++ utilizes the company’s own prided advanced technology for their formulation and their "SUQQU Watery Protector 30" (4,500 yen + tax) is suitable for daily use.

Last but not least, there are 2 skin care products that will be released in limited edition on June 7, “SUQQU SCENTED MOISTURIZING HAND CREAM GC” (4,000 yen + tax) with SPF25・PA+++ and a makeup fix spray that doubles up as an effective moisturizing mist "SUQQU SCENTED HYDRATING MIST GC" (5,000 yen + tax) where both products are matched with the scent of ginger lemon that’s refreshing and pleasant.