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Japan|Visée X Namie Amuro Limited Edition Cosmetics

Jul 2, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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The “Amura” boom was a social phenomenon in the 1990s started by Pop-star sensation Namie Amuro and her retirement was one of the biggest news of the year. Almost everyday, news of her projects and progress counting down to her retirement on September 16 are constantly broadcasted which shows her enormous influence.

Kosé, who collaborated with Amuro for over 20 years since her teens, recently started a new collaboration project, "NAMIE AMURO × KOSE ALL TIME BEST Project" March this year. The three limited-edition eye shadow colour palettes launched this time are personally selected by Amuro Namie. They are gold, bordeaux brown, and beige, each eye shadow box is printed with 3 different portrait shots of Amuro Namie along with her signature. Fans absolutely do not want to miss this rare limited edition. In line with this release, the commercials used her music “In Two” from the final album “Finally”.