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Japan|2018 First Half: Top 10 News ③ Companies Beware of the RIZAP Downpour!

Jul 4, 2018.Minoru MamiTokyo, JP
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To begin with, this company that started out as a personal fitness chain is a wild card. Companies better be careful. They even managed to make actress Hitomi Sato who gained an enormous amount of weight in the past few years become beautiful again. They’re also responsible for the recent acquisitions of JEANS MATE, SANKEI LIVING SHIMBUN and football team, SHONAN BELLMARE. Perhaps they’re also trying to “shape-up” these companies. What’s even more surprising, ITOCHU and CALBEE’s Chairman Mr. Matsumoto became Chief Operating Officer of the RIZAP Group. To summarize everything that is happening at RIZAP seems to be a near impossible feat. At any rate, this company is like a complicated puzzle and is expected to have it’s very own fashion line in the near future. Keep an eye out because you never know what might happen next. The RIZAP group will come after you even after you’ve achieved your ideal body shape and bombard you with other shenanigans.