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Japan|2018 First Half: Top 10 News ⑦ Speech Translators Makes Shopping Easy

Jul 12, 2018.Minoru MamiTokyo, JP
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Recently, crowdfunding in voice translation devices are ranked at the top. Enterprises such as MAKUAKE seems to have even collected 50 million yen (*~US$450,550) in the first half. If this translating device became a reality, then there’s probably no need of interpreters and people can go shopping by themselves anywhere in the world. Incidentally, Japanese software publishing company SourceNext released Pocketalk, an AI-powered instant voice translation device has 63 languages programed and up until now has been difficult to obtain. Probably the most seamlessly integrated stylish communication device available in the market. I suspect it'll catch on soon globally in no time.

*1 USD = 110.981 JPY (July 11 2018)