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Japan|RMK Renews their Skincare Line Along with a New Routine

Apr 3, 2019.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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RMK renewed its skin care line, and will first launch their series of treatment lotion toner on April 5. The new concept is "First Sense". Proposing a new way of fusing both toner and lotion for a one step skin care treatment.

 “RMK First Sense Hydrating Lotion Fresh” (¥ 3,600 + tax) is a toner that helps balance the skin with its gel-like texture for a non-greasy, smooth finish. The “RMK Balance Skin Conditioner” (¥ 4,000 + tax) is a moisturizing lotion that’s mild, alcohol-free texture formulated with hyaluronic acid.

The “RMK Skintuner Brightening C” (¥ 3,800 + tax), designed to make the skin clear and bright uses the same formula in a renewed packaging. Last but not least is the "RMK Soft Cotton" (¥ 700 + tax) which provides a five-layer structure for easy, non-tearing application.