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Japan|Medilift Store Opens in BICQLO, Shinjuku

May 8, 2019.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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YA-MAN’s wearable facial treatment device, “Mediliftsold out for their first production in about 2 months after their initial release in March 2018. The exclusive shop opened on April 26 at the BICQLO Bic Camera Shinjuku East Exit store. Medilift is based on the concept that the face line and facial muscles can be trained through EMS radio wave stimulation. At the store opening, company president, Kimiyo Yamazaki says "There are a lot of people in the form of buying face-to-face equipment in the form of buying a dream that is somehow unreliable and too good to be true. We’d like to establish a place where people can actually experience and feel the difference to be convinced with their purchases. Our main objective is to create a global brand that delivers results that’s Japanese made.”