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Japan|2018 First Half: Top 10 News ⑧ Marks & Spencer Closing 100 Stores by 2022. Brick-and Mortars Unable to Withstand the Tempest

Jul 13, 2018.Minoru MamiTokyo, JP
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There are many factors as to why there’s a continuing streak of closures in brick-and-mortars around the world. According to world analysts, fashion critics, and other like professions, there were voices suggesting that its “imperative to unify inventories of both storefronts and ECs” or suggesting, "storefronts should enhance the functions for placing product orders" or even "storefronts should be transformed into showrooms”. Amidst all this discussion, some business enthusiasts naively believing the suggestions end up making enormous investments that result in failures. Exactly what steps should businesses take? You can’t expect anyone to pull off the same move Amazon did with Whole Foods. Everyone is expecting summer but there’s a whiteout in the industry.