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Japan| ACRO’s Subsidary Brand, THREE Cosmetics: Debuts 3 New Skincare Brands

Sep 3, 2018.Manabu TakamuraTokyo, JP
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In September 2018, cosmetics company ACRO who runs THREE is launching three new brands:  Amplitude, ITRIM and FIVEISM × THREE all at once. "Amplitude" aims to be a high prestige makeup brand from Japan, with RUMIKO as the creative director while "ITRIM" is a skincare brand philosophy dwelling on the ancient Japanese word “ITO” to describe an extraordinary physical state and Rin that expresses overly high decisive attitudes to from ITRIM.  “very” or “extremely” and “RIN-TO” expressed a decisive attitude. While "FIVEISM × THREE" is a dedicated makeup line for men. This time, we took the time to talk with the man behind the making of the 3 brands, chairman and Board of Directors Ishibashi Yasushi.

Launching three brands at the sametime. What sort of aim was there?
First of all, it comes from the magnitude of expectations from department stores. "THREE" debuted and next year will its tenth anniversary, but during this time, new cosmetic brands had not been deployed in the department stores; not even western brands. Though Tom Ford Beauty was launched, it had only been in a small amount of stores in Tokyo and Osaka. The department store cosmetic brands are doing a find job as of recent with a previous sales of 5% that increased to about 10%. Despite the fact that in the popular increase of cosmetics, new brands have not submerged into the department store as of late. For that reason, I thought the timing was right as I waited for the perfect time to launch.

First of all, what kind of brand is "Amplitude"?
"Amplitude" is a brand concept of a "cool adult beauty". If "cute" was considered as the first chapter in Japanese beauty, then the second chapter would be the “cool” beauty that pursues the beauty from within of an adult woman.
Regarding makeup brands, French brands have made their position clear in the world: Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. I wanted to be on par with our own version of  a Japanese luxury brand that supports Japanese women. With this goal in mind, we created “Amplitude” which answers our clients’ needs -- a dependable make up base that’s natural and transparent looking but has solid covering power. With just one touch up, the user will understand the quality that we stand for and what it claims to perform.

How about ITRIM?
Organic cosmetic products are often comfortably scented and relaxing, however, so far don’t perform well in the results. I wanted to create an organic brand that gives immediate results that one can justify. We create formulas that are sourced from domestic raw materials and we draw out the power and concentrate from the plants to the maximum. In other words, its plant winning over chemicals or the plant that has transcend beyond chemicals.
The brand name is also coined in Japanese as "Ito, Rin" which represents a woman's beautiful dignified figure of the brand, "ITRIM". The bottle design we follow is in a shape of an ellipse, resonating to all seedlings. Eggs and rice are all elliptical and easy to hold. We wanted to express that our skin care began from the time we handpicked our ingredients and these thoughts resonate with our bottle packaging.

You’ll also be launching men's cosmetics brand "FIVEISM × THREE" at the same time.
Men make up is part of grooming. Rather than say, “make up”, it’s more of bringing a better impression or appearance. We’re not endorsing in applying full makeup, (completely up to the user) but let's say that you have an important presentation tomorrow. Rather showing that you have dark circles or you were hung over the night before, by applying and giving the impression that you are well rested and focused changes the perspective of the person.
In this day and age where we have blurred lines in gender confinements, we should continue to live free and be liberated which is the message "FIVEISM × THREE" is delivering.
The case is also very unique design. I brush my teeth, shave my beard, and they’re both the same shaped tools. So in retrospect, I made the packaging of "FIVEISM × THREE" into stick form for easy application and handling for men who have bigger hands. Men also have a different skin texture and don’t like the feeling of uncomfort, therefore we also added in the components to fulfill that requirement.

Among these three brands, you’re corporate vision encompasses the philosophy of creating "beauty in the present".
I believe that "beauty in the present" changes every decade. Lifestyle including fashion as well as cosmetics inevitably will change. What you’re looking for will also change. However, the underlying desire to be beautiful, youthful, won’t change. We value these sensibilities and want to make a new era of beauty.