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Global| Glossier's Digital Strategy In Becoming a $ 100 million brand in 4 years

Sep 20, 2018.Stephanie WuNew York, US
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Cosmetic brands utilizing social media that has risen in a short amount of time such as American cosmetics, Glossier. Founded by chief executive, Emily Weiss, her past experiences working at fashion publications such as W and Vogue has led her to publishing her blog, ‘Into the Gloss’ which laid the foundations for the millennial brand. Interviews with several ‘it’ girls, models, editors, and occasional heiresses, filled the the contents with beauty routines whereby a community slowly formed for Glossier’s introductory. It’s ethos -- less is more, presents products that enhances natural beauty rather than covering.
For a four year old beauty brand, Glossier has managed to go global at a rapid pace, raising $86 million to date relying about 20 percent of its traffic in advertising (according to Glossier spokeswoman) and the remaining 80 percent from referrals, direct-to-consumer, and ambassadors. Extending beyond the U.S., Glossier has already made its way into Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and France in October, through digital means. With only New York City and Los Angeles physical stores, Glossier has managed to engage its audience by opening their channels on Instagram for direct messaging and offering services such as free returns if the products don’t work. Not only so, Glossier has kept close relations with its customers to give them more control over their products. In fact, the recent Milky Jelly cleanser was a collaborative effort. Creating polls and using platforms such as her blog to interact heavily made a big difference and this strategy proves it’s worth. As Weiss has pointed out, “It’s not about one person being the rule-maker tastemaker,” she says. “That’s not how people are shopping anymore. Women are discovering beauty products through their friends, full stop.” Through word-of-mouth, promotion costs were saved when entering an international territories. In addition, setting up meetings amongst instagram fans and searching for a core group inviting them to lunches or drinks was another tactic.#glossierpink Instagram

Though the use of influencers and celebrities are the main forms for niche beauty companies to lure the attention of the masses, Glossier has covered that by also fleshing out what their customers want. Even the pink packaging has become an iconic symbol associated with  daily objects using hashtag #glossierpink on Instagram. Brand relevance is everything by ensuring engagement and a consistency. If a bottle stands out from the rest of your average medicine cabinet, by all means it’s picture perfect. The community also has give risen to ordinary customers being heard by giving their genuine experience whether good or bad which generally gives people more trust in the brand. In addition, picking the Glossier girl from their user-generated contents gives everyone a voice and appearance. Why not put social media to good use making it affordable but also available to everyone, while putting out a positive message? With its success, chances of Glossier aiming for Asia won’t be long.