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Global | From GucciGang to Fendiman: Win-Win Cooperation Between Luxury Brands and Singers

Aug 28, 2018.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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Courtesy of Fendi China Official Site

Street wear culture is popular among many young people from all over the world, and hip-hop artist alike are enthusiastic as well. In the past, luxury brands were at the top trickling downwards to influence the masses and streetwear was more underground. In recent years however, street brands such as "Supreme" and "Off-white" boast a tremendous popularity, and the strategy has been changed -- luxury brands are now riding the street boom. In order to win fans from the younger generation, issuing new logo designs or incorporating street tastes into the brand style has become the norm. Collaborations between brands and celebrities are appearing one after another, but what’s more is it’s becoming more direct in its advertising by collaborating with music artists to create songs for the brands than anything else.

Brand names such as "GUCCI" "Louis Vuitton" and "Versace" appear frequently in hip hop lyrics. Such as "Gucci Gang", a song done by American rapper, Lil pump who released it last year that has a brainwashing quality to it, with repetitive lyrics like "guccigang, guccigang ..." accounting for more than half of the song. Surprisingly, "Gucci Gang" ranked in the top 10 on billboard single chart.

Courtesy of Gucci Gang Music Video

In recent years, hip-hop has swept the Chinese nation and luxury brands are drawing collaboration one after another. Former member of Korean male idol group EXO, Kris Wu who is also the "Burberry" global ambassador, announced his song drop, "B. M." (Burberry Made) last November. The lyrics, "I'm burberry made" needless to say appeared in song. Seemed like wasn’t a waste of time to appoint him as global ambassador after all.

Courtesy of Burberry Official Instagram

In May this year, the song "Fendiman" was published by Jackson Wang who won the first place in the US pop chart and on the total list on the US iTunes. This is the first Chinese person to achieve this result. This kind of cooperative propaganda method works. The  singer in turn achieves good results in breaking the album sales, while the brand succeeds in creating global propaganda power better than other advertising methods so far. After all, listening to the "Fendiman" that appears constantly in the song, sure is difficult to erase from the mind.

Courtesy of Official Music Video