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China | Mobile Game “Honor of Kings” Comes Out with Cosmetics in Collaboration with M.A.C.

Feb 25, 2019.Stephanie WuTokyo, JP
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Mobile games have entered the fray. Collaborating with high-end cosmetics brand, M.A.C. and recent popular Tencent mobile game, “Honor of Kings” or “Arena of Valor”, they released five limited-edition lipsticks in accordance to the characters during January this year.

When it became available on Tmall, M.A.C.’s official website, and WeChat, over 14,000 pre-orders were placed on the three platforms selling out within the span of 24 hours when it was just released.

Exactly what coherence does makeup and gaming have? As of recent, there’s been an increase of female demographics in the gaming industry who also enjoy fashion and makeup. In fact every since the super info. highway became a place of convenience with net shopping and entertainment of all sorts. According to a 2018 report from game analytics company, Newzoo, China’s urban population in Tier 1 and 2 cities have a vast majority of 94% of paying gamers spend on game items or virtual goods with 55% men and 60% of women buying into cosmetics and skincare. This makes it a convenience for male gamers to conveniently gift their girlfriends. Speaking of which, the models posing for this M.A.C. campaign are five out of the eleven-members from Chinese idol girl group, “Rocket Girls 101” who participated and won in Tencent’s idol program, “Produce 101”. Not only do M.A.C. and Honor of Kings fans but fans of the girl group all conjoin for an interesting collaboration that does not necessarily have to make much sense. Businesses have grown to recognize the potential in Esports, according to an interview with M.A.C. China’s marketing director, Weng Yanling on Chinese media site, LadyMax. They noticed that users frequently mentioned the brand, therefore, was inspired by their demands.