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Japan|Mitsukoshi Isetan Establishes Cosmetic EC "meeco"

Feb 1, 2019.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings is launching their cosmetic EC site, "meeco" this month. About 180 brands are featured such as Shiseido (handled by Isetan Mitsukoshi), Dior, CLINIQUE, SUQQU, etc. offer around 10,000 products. Their other aim as well is to develop a site catering to the younger generation who are unfamiliar with luxury cosmetics and create an awareness by operating "depacos" independently on Isetan Mitsukoshi's EC, "MI Online". In addition, you can find columns on makeup and skin care trends, as well as general rankings in 8 different categories ranking from top 30, a cosmetic calendar where you can check the release date of new or limited items, and visuals where the user can pick from to create individual contents called "NEW ME". Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings announced their new growth strategy since last November and are accelerating their digital strategy, with this new EC cosmetic content as a major player.

  • Minoru Mami

    Fashion weather forecaster

    meeco? What in the world is a meeco? Looking closely its a lineup of only high end cosmetic brands. But of course this is purposefully arranged by Mitsukoshi Isetan. However when I look at the IR, the arrival of the announcement hasn’t been made. Is that possible? What on earth is this site? Moreover, you can already order the items. When asking related personnels in Isetan, they weren’t aware of the site’s existence. Is this a new launching method? The mystery invokes yet another mystery and the content is rather interesting .... We need more explanation, Isetan Mitsukoshi.