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Tokyo | Part 1: ZOZO SUIT: The Era of Personal Custom-Made Garments

Jul 17, 2018.Ichiro KumegawaTokyo, JP
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The paradigm shift is not something that happens instantaneously and paces gradually. With that being said however, there seems to be a turning point occurring in the fashion & apparel industry this year. I’ve arranged the following using three keywords to describe the shifts.
First of all, ZOZO Suit origins started with the phenomenon called "just fit” in Japan. These two words have been repeatedly spoken of 20 years ago and is associated with ready-made garments that’s "personalized" and "order-made". Although the idea has been around for quite some time, it took a while before it really hit home. The emperor of EC Mall, private brand ZOZO became one of the first to realize the “just fit” ー developing the dotted ZOZO Suit that measures the body though digital scanning using the smartphone.  Within the department order-to-made market dominating the top, ONWARD KASHIYAMA CO. and its subsidiary, ONWARD PERSONAL STYLE CO., LTD.  started "Kashiyama the Smart Tailor" that’s also riding the digital order-made wave and is going swimmingly. In order to shorten the time lag to one week instead of the three week period that starts from the ordering to its final destination, they developed a marking system using IoT and acquiring a capital stake in garment factories furthermore compressioning the products in delivery. With that being said, the technology could have been realized much earlier, however, the innovation at this speed was only possible due to competition that lead the life and death of the companies. ZOZO Suit seized the opportunity and the words "personalization" and "order-made" passed around for 20 years seems to finally become full-fledged.