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Japan | ZOZO’s President, Maezawa Launches An Art Project Inviting Artists for the First Lunar Trip Since NASA’s Apollo 17

Sep 18, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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President and Representative Director, Yusaku Maezawa of Start Today Co., Ltd. announced the plan for its first lunar launch. This project entitled "#dearMoon" invites eight artists from worldwide to participate as passengers on the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) launched by Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (Space X). It takes about a week to fly around the moon, and at the time of presentation, Space X's CEO, Elon Musk also attended.

#dearMoon is a sensational art project to have participating artists create work based on the inspiration received by traveling to the moon. President Maezawa will also participate as a passenger for the lunar journey as host curator. The project started as a project for mankind described by the Japanese billionaire. Mr. Maezawa states, "I want to preserve the work produced by the artists inspired by the moon as future assets of humankind." This project down according to Mr. Maezawa is a personal project uninfluenced by business, however such news is already of a spectacle already, there is no doubt this opportunity will become a catalyst to spread ZOZO globally.

Mr. Maezawa is known as an enthusiastic fan of art and has established the contemporary art foundation himself serving as chairman until now and has lent the work of American artist, Basquiat for 12.3 billion yen (US$109 million*) to art museums around the world.

*1 JPY = 0.00893072 USD (As of Sept.18. 2018)