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Japan|iStyle "@ Cosme Beauty Day 2018" Marks Total Circulation of $US 4 Million

Dec 12, 2018.Ichiro KumegawaTokyo, JP
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Istyle inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange partially listed) which operates makeup review site, “@ cosme" and "@ cosmetics store" held a beauty event "@ Cosme Beauty Day 2018" for the first time on the noon of Dec. 3 for 24 hours. This event celebrates the 20th anniversary of @ cosme’s services, e-commerce, and physical store. All items had 20% of collectable discount points for 1900 brands, with over 35,000 beauty items. The total amount in circulation was 400 million yen (US$ 4 million*). President of istyle inc. Tetsuro Yoshimatsu states, "I want to make December 3rd the best sales day not just in Japan but the world." Established in 2000, istyle inc. was consolidated by 28.47 billion yen (US$ 251 million*), operating income of 2,125 million yen (US$ 18.7 million*), an ordinary income of 2,147 million yen (US$ 18.9 million*), and a current profit of 1,184 million yen (US$ 10.4 million*).

*1 JPY = 0.00883868 USD (as of Dec. 12, 2018)