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Japan|Ai Yazawa's Popular Manga "Neighborhood Story" Collabs with “jouetie” Clothing Brand

Jan 31, 2019.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Creative director AMIAYA of Japanese clothing brand, jouetie have joined together with manga artist Ai Yazawa to create a collection using characters from her work,  “Neighborhood Story" that’s to release on Feb. 1 at jouetie stores, RUNWAY channel, and ZOZOTOWN.

"Neighborhood story" is a popular manga by Ai Yazawa, a manga artist known to many who wrote "NANA" and “I’m not an Angel". It was a work depicting dreams and love patterns on the staged at a fashion vocational school, gaining enormous popularity among fashionista girls. It is said that AMIAYA became interested in fashion, thanks to Ai Yazawa’s works treating it like a bible.

Three types of collaboration items are in the line up: Mikako pullover (9000 yen + tax), HAPPY BERRY Hoodie (9000 yen + tax), and Scene Cut Long T-shirt (8000 yen + tax). For the pullover, a printed illustration of the protagonist has been dyed with pink hair with a embroidered title logo on the back. The hoodie has a embroidered "HAPPY BERRY" logo and on the back a print colourful illustration. For the long t-shirt, a printed manga panel depicting a cute scene with the protagonist Mikako and her friend Tsutomu are on the front and back respectively.