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Global|CELINE New Logo On Instagram, Lady Gaga Shows New-Gen Bag

Sep 4, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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Céline announced its brand new logo on the official Instagram and at the same time on the official site. The new logo was inspired by the logo design from the 1960s. Changing the middle letter accented "É" to the ordinary "E" and using the font style from the 1930s to emphasize balance and simplicity by restoring the originality of the logo from the 60s. In addition to the change, the word "PARIS" used at that time will be included not in campaigns but solely for the clothes tags and package design.

Not only had the logo changed but all of its official Instagram posts have been deleted. "CELINE" opened up a new future and seems to have bid farewell to the past history. In response to such innovative reforms, there were not many voices of opposition and disappointment in the comments section, but the voice that expects a new generation "CELINE" is occuring. Retirement of Phoebe Philo, who was a creative director for ten years, last December was announced and in January this year, Hedi Slimane took office. The Paris collection in September this year will be Eddie's first collection.

Just the other day, Lady Gaga also uploaded a photo with the new "CELINE" bag in her Instagram. Hard to make out that it’s the new Celine bag but upon closer examination, one can discern that by zooming in. The new design differs greatly from past designs, and the delicate metal fittings are attached to the silhouette with a vintage feeling in smooth leather. Initials of “L.A.” for Lady Gaga are engraved on the tag and this was the first showcasing of the brand’s new design when Hedi Slimane had revolutionized Saint Laurent significantly in 2012. How long will it take to reform the all new "CELINE" in order to capture the minds of the consumers this time? Find out for other new releases that are coming in September.