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Japan|CHICCA 2018 Winter Collection: 10 PINK LIP COLLECTION

Nov 16, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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Japanese makeup brand, CHICCA released its part two make up in its 2018 AW limited edition “PINK” theme. This time, the brand's representative popular lipstick, “Mesmeric” introduced a line up of 10 colors with one new shade (each at 3,500 yen tax excl.)  named “10 Pink Lip Collection”. CHICCA's lipstick advocates its "2/5 coloring" concept, in which the colors don’t overwhelm the bare lips for a natural transparent look and when necessary, a richer shade can be achieve through multiple layering. The limited edition lip packaging is encrusted with a pink Swarovski® crystal comes along with a bag that has a bunny caricature “CHICCA × Matsuura Hiroy's × LOVELESS” and is now available in stores.