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Global|Dior Dessert-like Palette in their Spring 2019 Look

Dec 21, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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Dior Makeup is releasing its limited edition, "Spring Look 2019 Lolli'glow" on Jan. 1. The spring makeup consists of sweet candy-like colours, as if to say goodbye to the cold winters, and to usher in a warm and sweet spring. The cherry, pistachio green, vanilla yellow and other candy colors have become the leads in this array.

This collection features an eye-catching 5-colour eyeshadow tray "5 COULEURS LOLLI'GLOW" that introduces two limited-colors: "257 Sugar Shade" for chocolate and strawberry ice cream-like tones, and the "447 Mello Shade" which is the colour of lemon pistachio. The popular illuminating loose powder is in a new limited shade, "DIORSKIN NUDE LUMINIZER LOLLI'GLOW” and a bright 2 toned lipstick, "DOUBLE ROUGE LOLLI'GLOW". The sweet pink blush in "ROSY GLOW LOLLI'GLOW" and many other items are expected to drop.