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Japan|ETUDE HOUSE Launches Limited Time Waterproof Makeup Line

Aug 16, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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With the recent heatwave all over the world, Etude House has launched a limited edition line -- Active Proof that combats against sweat, sebum, and harmful sun rays in a collection of 9 products.  Heavy-duty and long-lasting made to withstand the heat and activity outdoors, products are all portable sized and is on sale in Japan from August 15th to September 30th.

"Active Proof Brow & Hair Drawing Tip" fixes the brow tint from disappearing in perspiration for a long period of time. It can also be used for the hairline to cover the gaps near the forehead for a fuller natural looking line.

"Active Proof Shield Wear Colour Tint" is, as it says, a tint that has a silk matte texture which is moisturizing and comfortable. Applying 1 layer give the lips a natural flushed look and a second coat makes it vivid for a long lasting lip colour.

[Active Proof Series]
August 15 (Wed) 2018 - September 30 (Sun) Limited Release
※ While Quantities Last

"Active Proof Brow & Hair Drawing Tip"
Price: 950 yen (excl. tax)
Capacity: 1.8 g
Colour: 2 shades (light brown, dark brown)


"Active Proof Shield Wear Colour Tint"
Price: 900 yen (excl. tax)
Capacity: 3.5 g
Color: 3 shades (RD 301, OR 201, PK 001)